Sunday, November 28, 2010

Who killed the poncho?

Ok, I'm pretty sure most of you will not agree with me, but I honestly wish ponchos were "in." I mean, did they make their way out of the spot light? They are basically an oversized sweater without sleeves (that way you avoid the awkward bunching when you wear different shirts under one sweater). They are easy to wear, most of them come with hoods, and they can come in extremely adorable prints/patterns. Sure, there are some that are absolutely hideous, but others are very cute. The only bummer with ponchos is that I can't wear them with my backpack for school. Maybe I'll transition into a shoulder bag...

See? ponchos can be cute! Pair with a pair of skinny jeans and over 
the knee boots or boyfriend jeans and ballet flats.

I love the zipper detail on this one and the one below as well:

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Paolina of Calur Villade said...

I love the poncho! I am actually looking for one my self, like the one ugly betty (if you have ever watched the show) wore on the first episode. But no such luck :( Thanks for the comment!