Saturday, October 16, 2010

Purple Rain

Unfortunately it's that time of year again when Seattle is too wet and cold to leave the house without a raincoat.  Even with the sun out it still feels like a million degrees below zero, but luckily I got a new jacket to keep me warm!

Some extra shots from my lookbook look for today:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Piñatas have never been so chic

Sooo I get emails from The Selby (see older post) once a week and the most recent email was probably the best space covered by him. He photographed Nicholas Anderson and Julia Ho's work space for the most chic party favors ever. Glitter and sparkles and confetti galore! They use many supplies like the ones listed as well as silk, cardboard and tissue paper to create fabulous piñatas and all the room decorations you can imagine. Next birthday party I know where to get decorations!


favorite favorite favorite

goody bags?


Pics taken from Nylon Magazing and the Selby:

Friday, October 8, 2010

fun fun fun fun (random) stuff

Just some good old fall inspiration:

Cynthia Rowley band aids...need I say more??


A post for the loverly Coco Chanel, and the one and only Karl Lagerfeld

New lunch box perhaps?

One of my favorite runways by Chanel besides the 2010 winter show 
which featured eskimo suits. Oh did I mention Lily Allen played at this one? 

Extra edits

My complete Lookbook post