Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I've been wearing and eating.

When in doubt, use Instagram! Since I have far too many outfits to post, here's a little update on what I've been wearing and eating through my Instagram photos.

Rachel Comey booties! (before I ruined them)

Booties post damage.  I would be the one to spill melted butter on my 
 boots while making mini donuts (of course).  Luckily I was able to fix
 them by having them dyed to a dark worn brown (which I LOVE). 

My first tattoo! 

My birthday terrarium.

Beanie from Scoop, Chan Luu charm necklace, 
T.B (Aritzia) sweater, Wilfred (Aritzia) silk slip, 
Wilfred faux leather leggings, Rachel Comey booties

Wilfred (Aritzia) blouse, Rachel Comey tuxedo vest, 
Current Elliott boyfriend khakis, Rachel Comey booties

Valentines donuts from Top Pot. 

Wilfred scarf, Le fou (Aritzia) jacket, Wilfred cropped sweater, 
Wilfred velour dress, Kaufman Mercantile bag, Rachel Comey booties

My boyfriend's Semi Formal! My dress is by Three Floor and I 
was wearing my sequined black Miu Miu heels

Matching with my momma! My trench is 
from the Gap and hers is Wilfred from Aritzia. 

Wilfred neon sweater, Wilfred patterned silk blouse, Wilfred slit tee,
Current Elliott boyfriend Khakis, Rachel Comey booties and Buster the bulldog. 

Alexander McQueen sunglasses, Wilfred silk blouse, Wilfred denim shirt, 
Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy, Isabel Marant silk/velvet pants, Prada leopard loafers 


Michelle Moore said...

I LOVE how your boots turned out dyed darker! What a great way to turn something lame into something awesome!! (I would totally do the same thing...I scratched a pair of very expensive boots the second time I wore them...) Guess they are "worn in" now>??

Courtney said...

Ah thank you so much Michelle!! Yeah, those things just happen to the best of us! I like to think that now that they've been dyed, they have more personality :)