Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I was born in the wrong decade

Now it makes sense why "Across the Universe" is my favorite movie

the maxi from Free People

I truly believe I belong in the late 60's. Where life was easy and carefree. Of course I never experienced this decade, but looking through pictures, it seems like a pretty sweet period to live through.  The maxi dresses and wide leg flare jeans would look ridiculous on me, but I am dying to own both items. Free People has the most adorable maxi dresses that would go perfectly with their lace or velvet bralettes that layer for an oversized and easy vibe. I have a pair of clogs and during the summer they never leave my feet...and I do not plan on cutting my own hippie hair any time soon (sorry locks of love!). Since it is 2011 and not 1969, I have found a way to modernize the oversized and easy style! And, this summer I am so looking forward to frolicking through meadows in my clogs and maxi dress with a strand of daisies atop my hair singing "All you need is love" with my best of friends.

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